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Autoblynk Referral Rewards

$499USD* **
Experience the explosive benefits of optimizing your Referral Channel and grow your dealership from the inside, out.
The likelihood of earning a new customer increases roughly 400% when your business is directly recommended by an existing customer
*Per Physical Location or Franchise
**Plus Successful Referral Sale Fee

Custom Referral Rewards URL - Fully Responsive on All Devices

Supports Three Reward Types - Direct Payment, Donation, or Credit

Easy and Fast Submission Process

No Pre-Registration Required

Instant Notifications - Automated Dealership Referral Alerts by Email

Unlimited Benefits - No Limits to Number of Referrers or Referrals

A Dealership Team Member Directory will be created from your existing dealership website staff portal, including images (if available.)

Includes an on-screen Digital Program Introduction for use at delivery stressing the benefits of making referrals, and ensuring 100% program exposure to 100% of your happy customers.

Just $45 (USD) per successful referral sale, billed monthly.

NO Setup Fee!

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