The Digital Program Introduction (DPI)

We make it easy to introduce 100% of your deliveries to the program through the Digital Program Introduction (DPI) created specifically for your dealership. This on-screen presentation targets these three initial introduction-focused goals:

Example Digital Program Introduction (DPI)





Ongoing Administration

The designated Autoblynk Administrator has three main direct referral management responsibilities:

When new referrals are submitted through your Autoblynk Link, administrators will receive instant notification via email. That email should be either printed and distributed manually or forwarded to the referred team member quickly, so that the lead may be followed up as quickly as possible.

From there, the Autoblynk Administrator for your dealership needs to stay in contact with the delivery coordinator or sales manager and be sure a check request is generated as part of the billing, if necessary and secure the actual referral reward check.

Finally, should a sale and delivery qualify for a referral reward, administrators need to contact the referring party and arrange reward dispersal. The guideline is no later than 14 days from date of delivery, though the preferred target is within 4 business days.