A Simple Truth

There’s a very simple and obvious truth out there, and for dealers willing to recognize the opportunity it represents and dedicated to optimizing for it…

…there’s a home run just waiting to be hit.

This truth we’re referring to is this:

In 2017, there were approximately 4.5 million online reviews left by new car buyers on the DealerRater® review platform. That’s 4.5 million reviews. And millions more left on other review sites such as Google, Facebook, Cars.com, and Edmunds, for example.

And all of those reviews were offered willingly. Those new and pre-owned car, truck, and SUV buyers simply wanted to share their experience with others, for no other reason than… they wanted others to know how they felt.


There is nothing as powerful for any business or car dealership as a single happy customer.


If 4.5 million people are willing to share their experience with others online with absolutely nothing in return for that public review…

How many might directly refer others to your dealership if that referral lead to a sale that they would then be compensated for?

We think the answer is simple:

Even more.

Enter Autoblynk Referral Rewards. As a participating Autoblynk Referral Rewards dealer, you’ll be able to make leaving referrals to your dealership fast, fun, and easy. And when those referrals lead to a sale, your referring customers will earn rewards that you set.

And it’s powerful stuff.



Sales Amplification

Positive online reviews are a good thing, and as a dealer today you should absolutely provide an experience that earns those positive reviews and seek to minimize the possibility of negative ones.

But with Autoblynk Referral Rewards, you can take that one happy customer and instead of just gathering a positive online review, you can leverage that positive experience by turning it into more opportunities, deals, and customers.


This process of turning single sales into more opportunities, deals, and customers is called Sales Amplification. And only Autoblynk offers it.


*Imagine* your happy customers with a direct link to you in their hands on their mobile devices at the moment they hear a friend, family member, or co-worker is in the market for a new vehicle.

*Imagine* your happy customers earning enough (or nearly enough) to cover their entire car payments, month after month.

*Imagine* your happy customers earning enough to not only cover their car payments, but enough to turn it into an actual revenue stream, all while your dealership sales increase every month.



An Army of Customer Advocates

It’s the ultimate win-win for both your customers and your store.

With Autoblynk Referral Rewards, you’ll create a virtual army of advocates for your dealership, all with a vested interest in sending you solid referrals as leads that can turn into actual sold units.

The average person has 162 contacts on their mobile device. If you deliver 100 units monthly now, and make Autoblynk Referral Rewards available to all of them, you’ve just extended your reach to 100 x 162 or 16,200 potential people.

Think about that.

Those 100 units you delivered as happy, complete, professional dealership experiences can now send you leads directly the instant they hear about them. And people will. Every year there are 60 million new and pre-owned vehicles sold and delivered in the U.S.


According to a recent WardsAuto® article roughly 5% of the population will buy a new vehicle in the next 12 months. That means for every delivery you make this year, those customers know about 8 people who will buy a vehicle in the next 12 months. That’s just the math and a reality.


There’s a pretty good chance that customer you delivered today will hear about someone in the market tomorrow.

With an Autoblynk Link for your dealership…

You’ll know about it 🙂


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