New Referral Submitted by Happy Customer

When one of your happy sales or service customers is ready to make a new referral, they simply click the Autoblynk Link icon (or bookmark) on their mobile device – provided by you as a participating Autoblynk Dealer Network dealership. The referral submission process is fast, fun, and easy, and your custom Autoblynk Link is designed to look right and work right on all devices and operating systems.

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Get the Referral Alert Lead Card by Email

When a new referral is submitted your dealership’s Autoblynk Administrator (a team member designated by you at signup) will receive an immediate printable Referral Alert Lead Card by email which includes all of the information required to proceed with follow up.



Distribute the Referral

If a specific team member was named or selected, the referral is then distributed by your chosen dealership Autoblynk Administrator to that team member via email forwarding or by printing and distributing manually. If no team member was named or selected, please use whatever processes you have in place for assignment of the lead.




Work the Lead

Once the lead has been distributed, it is an active opportunity that needs to be worked just as any other lead. Needless to say, putting your best foot forward with a potential customer sent to you by an existing customer is not only smart business… it’s the right thing to do.




Autoblynk Administrator Issues Referral Reward

The Autoblynk Administrator for your dealership is in charge of following up with the team member assigned to the lead, recording the successful referral sale, and issuing the referral reward (in the amount of your choosing) to the referrer.