The retail automotive industry is a very different place than it was 20 years ago, 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. Things are changing quickly, and as automotive retailers we’re sure you’re already preparing for much of what might come next. Let’s talk a bit about the importance of Reputation Management, and how Autoblynk is different.



What is Reputation Management, Really?

Reputation Management refers to dealerships recognizing and understanding that you’re being judged, publicly, and that every single customer interaction in both service and sales becomes what is essentially an internet “billboard” for your company… positive or negative. It’s a good thing, this level of transparency that the internet has made not only possible but the norm. Why? Because it has served to change the dynamic in many dealerships, by elevating the expectations of both the customer and the manufacturer and in doing so fostering showroom environments dedicated to proper and professional guest care.


Where Do Customers Leave Reviews?

There are a variety of online sites for consumers to leave reviews of their car buying experience. Among the most popular are:

  • DealerRater®
  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Edmunds

We absolutely understand the importance of protecting your online reputation, and building a portfolio of positive reviews while handling the negative reviews gracefully as a critically important part of any effective dealer strategy moving forward.

Autoblynk exists to extend and optimize the benefit of earning a happy customer base in ways that online reviews alone cannot provide.


Active Versus Passive

The main difference between collecting positive referrals on DealerRater® or Google, for example, is that while they will assuredly give your dealership a positive online footprint and quite possibly generate business, they are 100% passive in nature.

What that means is, while it’s good to know that your customers “Bill and Karen Rodriguez” absolutely love their new Toyota Camry and their sales consultant “Jim Weathers”, there isn’t much you can do with that information and public review besides wait for it to become something that generates more opportunities. Let us be clear: it’s a very good thing to get that review. It probably means you’ll get a positive manufacturer survey, and you might get their return business, and you could get a referral. Maybe.

But it’s pretty much going to be completely out of your hands.

And that’s the limitation of focusing on Reputation Management alone. Leaving reviews online is the next natural step for customers in the buying process today. After they take the new car home, it’s time to leave a review, right?

But there’s one last step missing. And that’s where Autoblynk comes in.


The Missing Step

What’s that one step that’s missing? Take a close look at the graphic below, and you’ll see it. Maybe you already know it but haven’t been sure how to be optimized for this particular channel – the Referral Channel.

With Autoblynk… you will be.


So What’s This Last Missing Step, Anyway?

With an Autoblynk Link to promote, you’ll be able to tap into your happy customers in a way that become actionable and productive, and not just collect reviews. With Autoblynk, you’ll be able to take those positive feelings and turn them into active opportunities.


The Value of Data

There has been a huge paradigm shift related to data. Consumers have come to realize that their data (however we define it) has extreme value and will now look to be compensated for it.

That’s something that all smart businesses will be able to capitalize on as we move into the 3rd decade of the 21st century.

If the reality is that upwards of four million people each year are willing to share their thoughts about their purchase experience without compensation on something like DealerRater®, how many might further participate in something new if it meant directly referring some of those 162 people they know and be monetarily rewarded for successful outcomes?

We think a LOT of people would… and will. We believe it’s the next step in the customer journey that used to end at delivery, but now extends to leaving public reviews. We believe there’s one more step though, and that’s what Autoblynk is here to facilitate in this age of data value:

Referring others.

If your dealership has been searching for solutions and trying to get to that “next level” of performance, we’ve put a lot of work into making Autoblynk what we think it needs to be to help achieve that goal. It exists to do one thing – optimize this underserved channel of growth – this Referral Channel.

We have given it our very best effort, and look forward to our mutual growth as we all find out what we can be, together.




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