Access the Autoblynk Link Icon or Bookmark

When you’re ready to make a new referral, simply click the Autoblynk Link icon (or bookmark) provided to you by your favorite dealership.

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Make the Referral

The referral process is straightforward and simple. Just enter your information, the referral information, select or name a dealership team member, choose a preferred referral reward type (for successful referrals), read and agree to the User Agreement, and submit it.


Get the Confirmation Email

Once you submit the referral, you will see a confirmation page and a corresponding confirmation email will be sent to you which includes a Referral Confirmation Code. That code is simply to confirm that your submission was received.



Get Your Referral Reward

If your referral makes a purchase at the referred dealership and takes delivery within the next 60-days (and if all other terms and conditions have been met) you will have earned your referral reward! Woo-hoo!! 🙂

Reward dispersal to you from the referred dealership (either Direct Payment, Donation, or Credit to Next Vehicle) is due no later than 14 days from delivery date.